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  • Draft offer paperwork and set up for signatures in Instanet

    • (Max 5 offers/client -  $20 fee applies per offer after 5)

  •  Email signed offer to listing agent once approved by buyers agent

  • Review contracts/paperwork for accuracy 

  • Introduce and connect all parties involved in transaction (title company/lender/attorney)

  •  Coordinate and schedule inspections

  •  Manage contingencies and key dates

  • Work with lender to order appraisal

  • Maintain regular communication with all parties involved

  •  Work to transfer/order any home warranties

  •  Draft PICRAs and addendums and send to appropriate party upon completion

  • Send documents for signatures and forward to applicable parties

  •  Monitor closing progress and provide updates to all parties as needed

Additional Buyer Services

Showings - Minimum Charge $100 per showing.

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